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  • Free from any potential harm Health’s Glass Dropper can be utilized for definitely tallying fluids, including eye-drops and ear-drops, guaranteeing you regulate the right measure of drug. The glass dropper can likewise be utilized to direct the tops to either your ear or eye. As the dropper is produced using glass, it won’t interface with any oils or synthetic concoctions.
  1. Reasonable for use on kids and grown-ups
  2. Guarantees you manage the right measure of prescription
  3. For ear or eye drops
  4. It would be ideal if you allude to bundling and guidelines before use


  • Altogether review the glass dropper before the primary use and each resulting use to guarantee that there are no impacts, indications of wear or remote particles
  • Discard the dropped is any part gets worn or gives indications of harm
  • Use with grown-up oversight


  • Glass drop counter
  • Ear or eye drops
  • Reasonable for grown-ups and youngsters
  • Produced using glass

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