Safe & Sound Medium Cotton Gloves

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  • Safe and Sound Health’s Large Cotton Gloves are a lightweight and delicate cotton glove for ensuring the fragile skin on the hands from a wide range of residential employments. Delicate and agreeable, our cotton gloves are appropriate for dealing with sensitive work, for example, photos and adornments or worn subsequent to applying hand cream to upgrade the impacts. Little and medium-sizecotton gloves are accessible.
  • Our enormous cotton gloves can be washed in warm lathery water and reused — one sets of huge size cotton gloves per pack.
  1. Lightweight and delicate
  2. Ensures the hands
  3. Helps hand cream assimilation
  4. Launderable and reusable
  5. If you don’t mind allude to bundling before use


  • 100% cotton able to use both hands gloves can be worn on either hand
  • Hand wash the cotton gloves in warm foamy water and dry level away from direct warmth sources
  • Just utilize Safe and Sound Health’s Large Cotton Gloves for light insurance in insignificant local hazard circumstances


  • Delicate and agreeable
  • Reusable
  • Helps hand cream retention
  • Ensures the hands
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