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  • Safe and Sound Health’s defensive and adaptable plastic thumb slows down keep wraps spotless and dry, keeping dampness from arriving at the injury while the injury is mending. Our enormous size plastic thumb slows down have a movable versatile wrist tie, permitting simple self-application. The plastic thumb slow down can be washed and reused over and over.
  • To use for ensuring thumb wraps and dressings, delicately embed the thumb into the plastic slow down and secure the wrist tie.
  1. Two huge size thumb slows down per pack
  2. Keeps thumb swathes perfect and dry
  3. Produced using top-notch non-permeable plastic
  4. Huge plastic thumb slows down are accessible from Safe and Sound Health
  5. If you don’t mind allude to bundling before use


  • Prior to rewarding any open injury, guarantee you have altogether washed your hands with cleanser and water, or antibacterial hand gel
  1. Completely broaden lash
  2. Cautiously slide the slow down over the influenced thumb
  3. Alter the lash for an agreeable and secure fit


  • Ensures thumb dressings
  • Keeps gauzes perfect and dry
  • Great non-permeable plastic
  • Movable versatile tie
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