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  • Styptic pencils are utilized to rapidly seal little cuts and scratches, particularly those caused during wet shaving. The aluminum sulfate fixing attempts to get the tissue around the cut and seals the harmed veins, right away halting any dying.
  • You can apply Safe and Sound Health’s Styptic Pencil straightforwardly to little slices to quit draining in a split second. Styptic pencils are regularly used to treat and prevent seeping from shaving cuts, yet they are likewise helpful for quieting skin aggravation after a bug nibble or sting.
  1. Stop little cuts dying – in a split second
  2. Perfect for little shaving scratches
  3. Calms disturbance from wiped out chomps/stings
  4. If you don’t mind allude to bundling before use


  • Prior to rewarding any open injury, guarantee you have completely washed your hands with cleanser and water, orantibacterial hand gel
  1. Wet the tip of the styptic pencil (fundamental for it to work effectively)
  2. Press tip of the styptic pencil legitimately onto your shaving cut or creepy crawly nibble
  3. Hold for 5 seconds, or until draining stops
  4. In the case of draining doesn’t stop, rehash


  • Free from any danger Health Styptic Pencil
  • Quits seeping like a flash
  • Lessens disturbance brought about by creepy crawly chomps
  • Keep going for some applications
  • Ideal for shaving cuts
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