Samaritan Olive Oil 92ml

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Item portrayal

  • Perfect for unblocking ears that have a development of ear wax. Samaritan olive oil contains solely of olive oils that have experienced refining and oils got straightforwardly from olives. Adding the oil to your ear can help evacuate ear wax blockages in the ear trench, by mellowing the ear waxit can drop out normal or be relaxed for extraction by a clinical expert.


  • Softens ear wax to help with expulsion
  • Can be utilized for ear wax develop
  • Normal recipe
  • Basic and simple to do at home

Item includes

  • Refined olive oil
  • Relax ear wax
  • Assists with evacuating ear wax


  • Avoid light and warmth

Step by step instructions to utilize

  • Tilt your head or rests with the ear you need to treat confronting upwards.
  • Permit a couple of drops of the oil to enter your ear.
  • Keep your head inclined for a couple of moments.


  • Made out of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils.

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