Seabond Denture Fixative Seals 15 Uppers

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  • Ocean Bond Denture Adhesive Health product is a remarkable item that has been made to give firm, agreeable hold and better fit for dental replacement wearers. Ocean Bond gives you a throughout the day hold with extreme fit and solace for all out certainty. No slime or jumble like glues. Cleaner with a slender, delicate, no-jumble wafer that makes tidy up a breeze.


  • Triple activity
  • New more grounded hold
  • All-day hold and solace
  • Protects gums
  • Helps seal out food particles
  • Maximum quality seal
  • Flavor free


  • If disturbance happens, cease use
  • If you have a background marked by trouble gulping or stifling issues, you ought not utilize this item
  • Keep out of the compass of kids.

How to use

  • Place dry SEABOND seal on dental replacement. In the event that excessively huge, trim covering seal with scissors.
  • Clean dental replacement completely. Dampen seal with warm water.
  • Position soaked seal on to dental replacement. Smooth any wrinkles with fingers.
  • Place false teeth into mouth. Hold solidly until secure. On the off chance that seal doesn’t hold, saturate seal all the more altogether.
  • To expel seal from dental replacement, lift corner and strip away. Change seal day by day.
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