Senokot Tablets Senna 100 Tablets

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Item Description

  • Senokot Tablets Senna 100 Tablets
  • Senokot is a dependably viable diuretic made with regular senna rewarded particularly to yield a steady measure of dynamic fixing in each portion, to give unsurprising help from periodic or non-industrious obstruction.


  • Delicate compelling obstruction alleviation
  • Works in 8-12 hours
  • Reestablishes your regular musicality
  • Unsurprising help


Counsel your primary care physician if:

  • Not suggested for youngsters under 6
  • Intestinal medicines are required each day, or stomach torment endures
  • You inadvertently take such a large number of tablets
  • On the off chance that you have been informed that you have a narrow mindedness to certain sugars

Try not to take if:

  • Keep far from youngsters
  • Your mid-region is delicate to the touch or damages when you move
  • Have entrail or stomach issues
  • Are pregnant or bosom taking care of
  • Have a kidney or heart condition
  • Are younger than 12
  • You have sharp or steady stomach torment
  • Try not to use after the expiry date appeared on the pack.
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