Tampax Cardboard Applicator Multipack Tampons x28



Tampax Cardboard Applicator Multipack Tampons x28

Up to 8 hours* long lasting protection
*use 8 hours maximum

Feel clean and confident for up to 8 hours* thanks to to Tampax tampons with carboard applicator. The tampon has an absorbent core and an anti-leak skirt that gives you an additional layer of back-up protection. Also, the applicator has an anti-slip grip that helps you hold the applicator and position the tampon in the right place.

Tampax tampons with cardboard applicator in a multipack provide you with three different absorbencies to meet your period needs. Lites for very light to light flow, Regular for light to medium and Super for medium to heavy flow during your period.

Which tampon is right for you? Have questions if you should wear tampons or pads? Tampax has the answers at www.tampax.co.uk.

PS – Try Tampax Pearl, our best protection that comes in a 5 times smoother** applicator, for a more comfortable insertion.

* use maximum 8 hours
** vs. Tampax cardboard

Safety Warnings for Tampax Cardboard Applicator Multipack Tampons x28

Attention: Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious illness that may be fatal. Read and save the enclosed information about TSS and the use of tampons.

Please Note: Whilst Chemist Extra makes every effort to ensure that all information is up to date, the information shown on this page should not replace the advice of a medical professional.

*Disclaimer: Results and outcomes of this product may vary from individual to individual. 


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