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Product information for ChapStick Strawberry SPF 15

Wonderful everyday lip protection that will soften and moisturise your lips leaving them looking and feeling both healthy and kissable with the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 so you can help to guard them from harmful UV rays. Lovely Strawberry scent and flavour.

For lip health trust ChapStick.

Your lips are in use all day, every day. With their delicate structure thin sensitive skin and constant exposure, they really benefit from year-round protection and care. As the experts in lip health, ChapStick can help everyone achieve healthy looking lips that feel great. ChapStick Strawberry has been uniquely formulated to soothe, soften and nourish your lips while preventing moisture evaporation which causes them to dry out.

The formula includes:
Vitamin E.
Carnauba Wax.
SPF 15 Sunscreen.


Store in a cool dry place

Store Below 25 C.

Preparation and Usage

Apply frequently throughout the day, especially before exposure to the sun, wind or cold weather.

Remove the cap to uncover the lip balm, apply as needed to your lips, you can twist the bottom to push up more balm when needed, once you are done replace the cap to protect the balm so it doesn’t get dirty.

Contains Oxybenzone.

Net Content

1 x Lip Balm

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*Disclaimer for ChapStick Strawberry SPF 15: Results and outcomes of this product may vary from individual to individual.

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