Sudafed Decongestant Tablets 12 Tablets

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  • Get alleviation from your irritated throat – quick


  • A double activity recipe to numb agony and battle disease.
  • Appropriate for veggie lovers, vegetarians and coeliacs.
  • Liberated from nuts, fake flavors, counterfeit hues and sugar.

How it work

  • The dynamic fixing is pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, which offers profoundly compelling help for nose and sinus blockage. The decongestant gets the opportunity to work by helping swollen veins in the nose to limit, helping bodily fluid and air to stream all the more unreservedly. This decreases obvious stodgy impression that goes with blocked sinuses, colds and influenza and hypersensitivities for more clear, simpler breathing through your nose.

The most effective method to utilize

  • It would be ideal if you read encased handout before first use.
  • Measurement: For oral use
  • Age: Adults and Children more than 12 years
  • Portion: Take 1 tablet each 4-6 hours, up to 4 times each day

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