Voltarol 12 Hour Emulgel Gel 100g

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  • Voltarol 12 Hour Emulgel 100g
  • Voltarol 12 Hour Gel infiltrates the skin to carry direct help to the influenced territory. For alleviation of rheumatic agony, joint and strong injuries, strains and wounds. Its cooling equation is non-oily and non-recoloring.

The most effective method to utilize


  • Utilize the proper sum and rub tenderly into the skin over the influenced site . (The sum required will differ with the site of the torment. Just utilize the littlest sum vital for your torment.)
  • Apply multiple times day by day (ideally morning and night) to the influenced region of skin. Try not to use for over 14 days, except if longer treatment is suggested by a specialist.
  • Try not to surpass the expressed portion.
  • Try not to utilize more than 56g of Voltarol 12 hour emulgel in multi week. Close to 8g in one day.
  • Wash hands after use (except if they are the site being dealt with).
  • When utilizing just because, turn around the top, connect with the spout, bend and expel the seal from the cylinder.

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