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  • Wartie Foot care is a viable freeze treatment for moles and verrucas. Wartie freezes the mole or verruca profoundly, because of its one of a kind exactness tip. The state of the exactness metal tip permits precise application, restricted to the territory of mole or verruca (plantar mole) and maintaining a strategic distance from the encompassing sound skin.
  • Wartie works with a solitary application. The mole or verruca will bit by bit vanish or tumble off throughout the following 10 to 14 days after the application, uncovering solid new skin underneath. Be that as it may, if another application is important it ought not be done inside 14 days after the primary application.
  • The freezing intensity of Wartie can be constrained by the weight applied on the can during the application. The more weight applied implies that a greater amount of the metal tip contacts the skin, bringing about a bigger freezing territory. With a light weight, the contact to the skin is limited, in this manner having the option to treat littler moles and verrucas. Now and again, it might assist with absorbing the mole warm water for a couple of moments before utilizing Wartie, to help infiltrate callused skin that has framed on head of the mole.


  • Contains 18 applications
  • Works with one application
  • Exactness tip is anything but difficult to utilize
  • Doesn’t mischief to encompassing skin
  • Prevalent freezing execution
  • Treats moles and verrucas


  • Keep far off and sight of youngsters – contains little parts
  • For outer utilize as it were
  • Store away from daylight in a dry cool spot
  • Metal tip is covered with nickel
  • Try not to use on broken skin
  • Counsel your primary care physician before use on the off chance that you have diabetes, blood flow issues, liver or kidney sickness or are pregnant
  • Conceivable symptom may incorporate skin aggravation not present before the utilization of Wartie
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